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Managers, Stress and Coaching

Do you have trouble concentrating at work? Do you procrastinate or take long to get things done? Are you feeling anxious, irritable or depressed, apathy and loss of interest in work? Are you feeling exhausted all the time? Feeling empty and devoid of motivation and most of all not seeing
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Executive Coaching for Technology Leaders

There aren’t many areas that evolve as quickly as Information Technology. We all know how demanding the tech world can be. And that can create unique challenges for an IT leader. There are multitudes of major challenges that today’s IT leader face. These include the rate and pace
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on Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching in a nutshell

There is no doubt that executive coaching has become mainstream in major domestic companies. Gone are the days when coaching was seen as primarily a “remedial” activity for performance problems. Major companies around the world are starting to see the value of executive coaching. They now include coaching as a
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What is this Employee Engagement thing

In a research done by BlessingWhite, in January 2013, two interesting facts were discovered Clarity on the organization’s priorities, getting feedback, having opportunities to use skills, and career development remain at the top of the list as drivers for engagement for a majority of employees. What these factors mean
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