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on Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching in a nutshell

There is no doubt that executive coaching has become mainstream in major domestic companies. Gone are the days when coaching was seen as primarily a “remedial” activity for performance problems. Major companies around the world are starting to see the value of executive coaching. They now include coaching as a
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on About Life

Playing Chess in a Hypermarket

Life is a story. The actors might change, but the story seldom does. Once upon a time, He and Somebody (whom sometimes likes to be called himself) went shopping. He and Somebody had their own plans and objectives. He wanted to have a respectful life regardless of the money he
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on Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement

What is this Employee Engagement thing

In a research done by BlessingWhite, in January 2013, two interesting facts were discovered Clarity on the organization’s priorities, getting feedback, having opportunities to use skills, and career development remain at the top of the list as drivers for engagement for a majority of employees. What these factors mean
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on Employee Engagement

Seven simple questions that every leader must answer for an engaged team

Engaging and mobilizing employees can feel like a daunting challenge. However, we have found that a few simple behaviors can make a huge different to improve engagement. It is frustrating to have to read minds For instance, many employees are frustrated because they feel like they have to read their
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Coaching for what?

Coaching is a solution-focused approach that can be used in a variety of personal and professional contexts. Some of the reasons people comes to coaching for: Improving health and well-being Getting married Improving work/ life balance Resolving family issues Enhancing time management Improving confidence Reducing stress to find more about
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How you are handling conflict?

What is your way of handling a conflict between you and your partner or another person (the other). Compromising by finding a middle ground with the other Avoiding by sidestepping, postponing or simply withdrawing from the other. Competing by pursing your own concern at the other expense. Accommodating by neglecting
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