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Executive Coaching for Technology Leaders


There aren’t many areas that evolve as quickly as Information Technology. We all know how demanding the tech world can be. And that can create unique challenges for an IT leader.

There are multitudes of major challenges that today’s IT leader face. These include the rate and pace of change, the complexity and massive integration of systems, process etc. which often result in major outages and instability issues.

Alignement in Technology

The pace of change in technology means that you always have some segment of your staff that wants to learn about new tools and applications, whiles you have others that tire of always having to learn a new technology and really want to focus on the business aspect of technology delivery. It is important for you to know how to manage both types of people and have the right blend of staff to keep you technologically perceptive and business focused.

Other issues faced by IT leaders in the technology industry include ongoing pressure to cut costs year after year, despite having to meet increasing pressure from business to innovate. Being swamped in responding to regulations and audit issues, rather than getting on with helping the business make money and gain competitive advantage etc. and all these can really put you out of control.

Overlooking Coaching

Whiles CIOs, CTOs, and other technology leaders have lagged far behind, most CEOs and other senior business leaders have recognized the value of executive coaching and used it to foster their success. It is now common for executives to have their own coaches. In fact, executive coaching even greater benefits for technology professionals. Senior leadership demands additional capabilities that are very different from the ones that drive success for individual technology practitioners.

The scope and depth of IT means that no one person can know it all. In fact, no one person or leader can do it all. The people you surround yourself with as well as how you manage them are the keys to your success. As an I.T. leader you will likely work with people from all department and knowledge backgrounds.

How executive coaching will help

Executive coaching will help you discover ways to work effectively through other people in order to get the work done. It will help you to better focus on the people you interact with and balance your team’s needs with your goals and objective as well as your emotions.
Executive coaching can help you build effective leadership presence and staff performance management- hence, and true employee engagement achieving a better and more visible connection between business priorities and technology goals.

Coaching is necessary for an IT professional when he or she is moving into a significant new leadership role or seeking a promotion to the next level. Executive coaching is also necessary for an IT leader when there’s been a significant business transformation that’s changed demands on the technology organization.

In the IT industry, there is always another challenge or another threat. However, the world continues to develop even if you do not. Leadership and professional development is therefore key in this fast-pacing tech world and executive coaching has helped many leaders improve the level of client service they deliver.

Working with me

Through my coaching practice, I work with CIOs, CTOs, VPs, and directors on goals such as developing influence in the broader organization. I help to build effective leadership presence and staff performance management, with maximum employee engagement.

With my effective coaching skills, I can help you evolve along with your team, and make sure that you excel as an IT Leader in your organization. All you need to do is to contact me so we can work out an appointment where I can help you grow personally, professionally and ensure your continued success in IT. Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss more about how executive coaching might be of help to you within your organization.

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