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Learn and Bond

I recently finished reading “Driven, How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices”
by Paul Lawrence & Nitin Nohria. This book talks about the four drives that make individuals choose to do what they do; the drives to acquire, to bond, to learn and to defend. The drives are defined as such:
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Earn the Right to Lead- 7 Great Leadership Traits

Becoming a leader within an organization is more than just a title. It is not being the head of, or someone whom others are obliged to follow. It is privilege you earn as and only when you deserve. The right to lead involves the bond between the leader and those
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A muslim view on Christmas

In the Christmas of 1914, in that most dreadful of all Wars, German, French and British frontline troops decided unanimously and without consultation with their senior officers to lay down their weapons- at least temporarily. Indeed, here and there they left their battle lines to eat and celebrate and even
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Live a balanced life

Are you a workaholic? Are you losing your social life - getting to spend less and less time with friends and family? Or are you devoting too much of your time to life outside work? Yes, some gifted people can juggle work and their daily life outside of it. However,
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Managers, Stress and Coaching

Do you have trouble concentrating at work? Do you procrastinate or take long to get things done? Are you feeling anxious, irritable or depressed, apathy and loss of interest in work? Are you feeling exhausted all the time? Feeling empty and devoid of motivation and most of all not seeing
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Executive Coaching for Technology Leaders

There aren’t many areas that evolve as quickly as Information Technology. We all know how demanding the tech world can be. And that can create unique challenges for an IT leader. There are multitudes of major challenges that today’s IT leader face. These include the rate and pace
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